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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  October 30, 2012 9:00am-12:00pm PDT

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♪ [♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> the "stephanie miller show" is brought to you in part by our friend bert levy author of the last open road. >> i am chris lavoie that is
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jacki schechner, and this is jim ward over here. stephanie called in sick this morning, she called about an hour before the show and said ar ar ar. >> good to see my plan is working. i had to plan to make out with her in new york. >> alec baldwin couldn't make it to the sexy liberal tour in new york what he has strep throat. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> because he was making out with "stephanie miller show." >> no, because he is happily married. the only time that stephanie has been in the tabloids she has apparently broken up the
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marriage between box lightener, and melissa gilbert. >> oh. >> yeah, this was back in the '90s. >> having an affair with which one? >> back then it was bruce because she was totally in the closet. >> okay. what has hurricane sandy been downgraded to -- >> a post cyclone -- >> kerfuffle. >> a post tropical cyclone -- >> that's a good band name. >> sure. >> that's not bad. they would be like an alternative rock band right? >> yeah. a little heavy metal --
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>> pcp. ptc. >> a band name that will come out of brooklyn at anytime. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> i'm tired. >> did we take you really off track there? >> yes, exactly. we're taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. we're going to be checking in with john fugelsang who is in manhattan. his power did not go out yesterday. but i guess everything south of time square everything lost power. >> you think about the weather and the actual impact of the storm, but i went through hurricane andrew in 1992 having grown up in miami, you go through a lot of these kinds of storms. when they are vicious like this there's really no way to prepare other than to hunker down and get your supplies in place. but you don't think about the downed trees and how long the power might be out.
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>> right. >> because the crews have to get to the sources, and that's difficult for them to do to restore power, and you think about the inconveniences of that. with andrew we were out of power for about three weeks, which is when it is really, really hot in miami people had to stay cool and in virginia where they have snow, you have to think about no heat. >> that's right. >> imagine that without any heat. >> a lot of buildings are heated with steam there, so -- >> right. that might be helpful, but you won't be able to use any sort of warming devices or space heaters, and in new york a lot of that is necessary. >> the global warming deniers is
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like, oh it's a hoax now. >> it's totally absurd. but people need to keep in mind that just because the storm itself has passed doesn't mean the difficulties have passed. i hope because of the sophistication of new york and they are used to dealing with all sorts of unexpected emergencies that will hopefully will be up and running faster than expected. >> and they have a lot of resources to draw from. they have got their stuff together. >> yeah and it looks like bloomberg is doing a great job. >> yes, and chris christie, governor of new jersey doing a great job. he is saying the president is doing a great job getting him everything he needs. >> thank god they are not playing politics. >> right. >> he is not standing on ceremony, what a great, great opportunity to show really
10:10 am
that they can work together in times of emergency -- >> unlike mitt romney. >> well mitt romney doesn't have any opportunity right now to look presidential. he has nothing to do except for -- >> we're just talking about he is calling these things disaster relief when they are clearly political events. >> exactly. >> obama: i have spoken to all of the governors in all of these states we have pre-positioned assets so that fema personnel are working closely with state and local governments. there has been extraordinarily close coordination between state, federal, and local governments. >> and everybody on the local level have backed that up. 1-800-steph-1-2 is the number to call that's 1-800-steph-1-2. let's talk to don in florida
10:11 am
about privatizing fema. hey, don. >> caller: yeah, thanks for taking my call. i have a political strategy for ohio actually a democratic one. but romney is trying to do whatever he can to get any press coverage he can possibly get. these food thing, i heard he called these governors and all of this stuff. i know he has been running for president for the last 20 years it seems, he wouldn't even be in the picture but he is just trying to get his name out there, because obama and the storm will get all of the reaction. >> and it seems like him calling the governors would be just getting in the way. >> and what a coincidence he is doing this in all of the battleground states. >> he'll privatize anything for a buck. >> yeah. >> one way to get rid of these gop people that are having a
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problem with the government you give them a government job with fair wages and good pay, and all of a sudden 90% of them won't have a problem with the government. >> exactly. let's go to jones in alabama. >> caller: how are you doing chris? >> good. >> caller: this thing about privatizing fema that means they have a friend in the private sector that can go in and buy your home if there's no disaster relief if you can't afford to fix it. the top 1% can easily go into small towns where they have businesses and corporations and buy up the whole town around them. >> yeah. >> the other comment i had was i love your show. i quit watching fox because of the venom that was spewing from
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their lips. >> thank you, jones i appreciate that. we're probably more entertaining that mica, do you think? >> i have just seen her wear the same black sweater for the last three days. >> oh geez. i have warn the same black t-shirt for the last three days. robo calls during the hurricane season. hey, sarah. >> caller: good morning. i hope steph feels better. >> us too. i hope she is her tomorrow because we have elvira and mark hamel from star wars. >> that's great. i got to tell you, yesterday during the height of the weather, the storms we got a
10:14 am
live phone call, and a robo call that mittens is going to be here in [ inaudible ] michigan. >> i heard fund-raising emails but i didn't hear anything about robo calls. >> it sounds like he is still campaigning. >> caller: no not mittens. [ laughter ] >> yeah, that's a great point. we seem to be getting mixed messages from his campaign. i think he is missing that sensitivity gene. >> by suspending his campaign it means calling it something else. >> did he go to costco and get the three-pack shirt. >> oh these are marvellous. >> the three packs that don't exist. >> exactly. george in ohio. hey george. >> caller: hey, how is it going over there at the "stephanie
10:15 am
miller show." >> we're doing there without stephanie. >> caller: i know. i know. >> we miss here. >> caller: yeah i do miss her too. jacki is doing a nice job. >> thank you. >> caller: you're welcome. my comment is reference to the [ inaudible ] just looking at the tv and saying i think i'll hold my money and not give it to donation. >> right. what were you saying there? i guess we missed your point. >> caller: okay. i was talking about the middleman that are watching the -- >> the millionaires. >> caller: yeah why aren't they chipping in and sending money to the east coast and helping out. >> they should send it to the red cross. >> yeah and president obama page directed people to the red
10:16 am
cross to donate. so that was great on his part. we're going to be taking a break here. this is the "stephanie miller show." give us a call at 1-800-steph-1-2. that's 1-800-steph-1-2. we're going to be talking to sexy liberal john fugelsang live in manhattan next on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: call stephanie now. she's easy, 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪
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ñ (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ ♪ now you with -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ you know me you know with -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ you know me ♪ >> this is the "stephanie miller show." i am not stephanie miller. i am chris lavoie. i am usually the producer of the
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show, but not today. >> it's not like you have to explain who you are. >> i know. but just in case people are tuning in wondering where stephanie is. she has strep throat. >> dude. >> she called this morning, and she sounded like this. i had it in college when i didn't have health insurance. >> it does actually supposedly go away on its own, but antibiotics make it disappear very quickly. >> i think i had strep throat and scarlet fever at the same time when i was a kid. >> a spot of the consumption
10:21 am
too. >> ricketts. [ laughter ] >> any other obscure diseaseings -- >> extopic pregnancy too. antibiotics knocked it right now. >> that's right. we have john fugelsang who is a manhattan resident but he never lost power last night. >> that's just the power that john fugelsang. >> it is. >> ah, thank you. >> it's fun watching you on tv. steph it is great to see you as a redhead. >> i was trying something else on. >> notice she is sitting in stephanie's seat. >> indeed. i am glad that stephanie made it home okay from the big beacon show. we finally brought the big tour to new york city. >> how did it feel? >> it was amazing.
10:22 am
>> i was there all day doing tech with the staff, and the beacon is such a historic theater. i have seen everybody from bob dylan to spinal tap there in that theater. rob reiner was a riot. it was the first show we had both hal and aisha on at the same time. and lot of fun. i was able to shoot a lot of backstage stuff for current. >> awesome. >> did you get the sense that the crowd was really fired up in general, because when you were out here in l.a. there was a real sense of progressive camaraderie, and people were psyched about the election. did you get that sense in new york too? >> yeah i sure did. and in a way it is just kind of
10:23 am
an extension of what stephanie's radio show is all about. as much as it is about politics and comedy it is also about community, and letting progressives know that you are not crazy. the crazy bald dude with the feddish in the cubicle next to you, is not right. people just get a chance to hang out and laugh, and get [ inaudible ] with other people. >> who is playing the piano? >> yes, that's the ring tone on my cell phone. >> oh okay. [ laughter ] >> i'm on a land line. >> i thought your baby has learned how to play the piano. so how are you doing in amongst the hurricane? >> we're great. the dangling crane is the big metaphor for saying this sing.
10:24 am
and all of new york city is saying i got your dangling crane right here sandy. the loss of life is very, very tragic, but could have been much, much worse. manhattan is a mess but the death toll is a lot lower than it could have been. you would like to think being on the island with all of the rich white people they would be safest here, but overall the city is going to rebuild from this, and the real question is does chris christie hate romney or does he really want to be president in 2016. >> yes, chris christie was nothing but complementary of
10:25 am
president obama this morning. >> really amazing. while mitt romney is announcing the closing of more jeep plants today that aren't. i would like to think if the president is smart he'll be appearing with chris christie and bloomberg all day. it's great to see after -- we heard a lot about how the obama administration has reorganized fema and put a guy in charge of it who wasn't in charge of dancing horses. last night there were national guard troops all over the place, especially in jersey and they were deployed in both states and again, i think the real test of how this will be politicized begins now. it will be cleanup, rescue efforts, getting the folks who are stands especially seniors, and that's how state and local governments will be judged. i think really they are going
10:26 am
to try to politicize this either way. if it goes well the democrats will celebrate, and if it goes poorly the republicans will try to smear it. i'm so proud of new york and jersey, and i just -- it's really amazing how people are just so tough in this part of the world, and manhattan is completely isolated from the rest of america, but what else is new? so we'll see what happens. >> john stay safe in manhattan, and thank for checking in. we'll probably check in with you next hour. >> i'll be around. thanks guys. >> all right. thomas jefferson said that a successful democracy depended on an informed electorate. our country's future depends on you. to help you make informed
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decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. take the time to learn about the issues. don't just vote, vote smart.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> unbelievable. it is way too early for this guys. i haven't even had my first cup of wine today. ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." >> who he has his first cup of wine is -- >> rowland. >> yes the sexy liberal tour manager. >> yes, he is drinking warm cabernet? >> no it's -- sovenion blanc. >> that and warm duck fat.
10:32 am
>> that's because what he chose because he didn't plan properly. >> exactly. >> i think that's what fema provides. >> yes he brought it encase he has to braise a lamb shank. >> mom, i don't like duck fat. shut up! >> it's all you have got. >> yes. it is tuesday -- >> stephanie: there's only one man that understands, that the author of video of america. ♪ pierce ♪ >> stephanie: charlie pierce political columnist for ♪ why is everybody always laughing with me ♪ >> charlie pierce. >> duck fat now with extra franken berries. >> charlie pierce thanks for joining us today. >> forgive me if i don't
10:33 am
sympathize with the warm duck fat on the east coast. >> you are in boston are you being affected by the hurricane? >> not as badly as people in new york and new jersey we lost some power last night, and this huge tree well down but we're in better shape certainly than a lot of places. >> that's great to hear but i guess a cold front is coming in so it is getting cold there? >> yeah, there is this arctic thing coming up. but i have given up on following that. >> charlie you wrote about the storm judiciously yesterday, and you said that baby mitt romney might be able to figure out how to profit from the wreckage. >> the thing is he will hold
10:34 am
himself above the fray despite the fact he's holding a rally today. >> right. >> but there are so many elves in the hollow tree to do his work for him, that he doesn't have to get his hands dirty at this point. and chris christie is sort of immunizing the president at this point? >> yes, he is doing a fantastic job. >> yes, because we have to reassert that at every moment otherwise people will think that we should privatize this whole thing, like say, oh i don't know mitt romney did. but we had to catch up on the tv images on new york a couple of hours after it happened. and god bless those people at nyu medical center and stuff getting the patients out.
10:35 am
>> oh yes, heart breaking pictures of the evacuation of the hospital and the kids and the elderly people. >> if that crane falls on anybody at this point, it's their fault. >> people who are milling around -- >> please don't show up with your -- your [ inaudible ] 2,000 and take pictures get the hell out of there. >> yeah that thing is not looking good. >> it has not looking good for 12 hours, you have all of the pictures you need get the hell out of there. >> charlie -- speaking of a dangling crane >> yeah. paul ryan said he wants to
10:36 am
offset fema help somewhere else in the budget. >> of course. anything they can do to get rid of the programs they don't like they will. i'm not sure why this is a surprise to anybody. we had a test run with this with eric cantor a year ago. >> yeah now that a hurricane has gone through the week before the election this is top of mind for people. >> it has got to be made top of the mind for people. >> yeah. >> we are sitting in a nation that is now 50/50 to buy think single most important political campaign of my lifetime. if you are going to make paul ryan's budget hostage issue, you have to get out there and do it. >> i feel the problem now is
10:37 am
they have a couple of days to think about how to spin this. and i think they know they can't say they would destroy fema so there -- will be some sort of spin -- >> an etch-a-sketch. >> yes. >> then if the president tries to come back he'll get landed on as politicizing this. >> right. but now they are trying to change his perspective from the primary. >> oh of course. they are really good at that. and so far he has gotten -- so far, it is a week away -- and he got away with it. >> yeah. charlie in maryland early voting has been shut down yesterday and today, and other states what
10:38 am
effect will this have on early voting and the election? >> obviously there's nothing much anybody can say about -- i still believe nobody really knows how this thing is going to effect the outcome of the election. except in virginia it is not really affecting any states that will materially affect the electoral vote. >> yes. >> unless something completely unthwart happens, the president is going to win, connecticut, and new jersey. >> but it is affecting the most liberal parts of new york state. >> yes. i can't conceive of a situation where romney will win new york state. >> yeah. >> i think the lieutenant governor in maryland was saying they expected early voting to be
10:39 am
back up tomorrow. >> yeah. i mean let's face it maryland is a blue state. >> right. >> they just can't get the machines to work. by the way another excuse for paper ballots. >> but i do worry in some of the blue state it should make it a little closer than it should be because of the devastation. >> yes. >> you saw that scott brown pulled out of the debate -- >> yeah but it's hard -- this isn't him trying to use -- like he did the first time which was pull out of the debate because, quote unquote, there were votes in the senate which was bogus. nobody wanted to have that debate. >> so the headline was just that he had pulled out, but he was the first to announce it -- >> he was the first to make a big noise about it but that
10:40 am
debate wouldn't have happened. it would have been the fourth debate and it wouldn't have moved the needle either way, and second of all why bother? no one would have paid at attention to it. so i said this all along, this is still a two or three-point race up here. there is a new "boston globe" poll that shows it tied, but i'm not really sure on that. i still think she is up by about two or three, and she is going to have to race right to the line. >> is it a get out the vote issue now? >> yeah. >> or is something hurting her? >> no, nothing is hurting her right now. he is out with a bunch of ad that is saying he is hot with the chicks.
10:41 am
[ laughter ] >> you know, and i think -- you know i think the power of tom [ inaudible ]'s get out the vote? boston, i think the power of organized labor that will be a couple of big things that will be there for her that weren't there in 2008. and if this holds down the president's totals in the state, that could have a big impact. very often we in massachusetts get accused of pretending to know more than they do. we really know this guy. okay. >> trust you. >> we don't like this guy for a reason. what is wrong with momma? has she got some sort of wine box thing going on.
10:42 am
>> she is swallowing shards of wine glass. when she called in this morning she sounded like this. >> she sounded like mark lavin. >> exactly. >> i'll be talking to you next election day from florida. >> awesome. >> i'll be starting the blog through the weekend and through election day. >> where are you going to be? >> broward. >> we look forward to that next week on election day. >> that's right. talk to y'all later. >> thanks charlie. >> we'll be right back here on the "stephanie miller show." we'll be taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. >> hey a freak show! >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
10:43 am
current tv encourages you to vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪
10:47 am
♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ mr. d.j. won't you -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> it is the "stephanie miller show." stephanie miller is not here obviously. i'm chris lavoie. that is jacki schechner. and that is jim ward. we are filling in for stephanie while she recovers from strep throat. i was telling you guys i had strep throat for two weeks right after college when i didn't have health insurance. and someone wrote in and said you can catch scarlet fever and
10:48 am
have a lifetime of problems if you don't take care of it -- >> really? does that come with a petticoat and a parasol. >> yeah, that's what i had. >> luckily a friend of mine hadn't taken all of his antibiotics -- >> oh that is so not legal chris lavoie. >> i know. antibiotics, i think they might look the other way. >> maybe. where is the war on drugs these days? >> exactly. >> just say no lavoie. >> all right. let's go to carol in pennsylvania. hey, carol. >> caller: good morning, shout out to stephanie. hope you are feeling better. log cabin endorsed mitt romney.
10:49 am
what is wrong with people? this man is getting away with everything, nobody seems to be holding him accountable, except your station, and a few on msnbc. and now he fakes that he is not campaigning, when he hasn't stopped? who is going to hold him accountable? what is wrong with america? wake up. >> exactly. when he first announced that he would be having this relief rally, he was asking for donations of goods, but he had to change that because the red cross does not want donations of goods, but then he had to change that because the red cross just needs donations of money. >> where would mitt romney get money? >> in his couch cushions on his
10:50 am
campaign bus. >> it's not like he is going to write a personal check -- >> why doesn't he? >> that's what i'm saying. he should. wouldn't that be a great commitment to our country -- >> give donations in swiss franks. >> exactly. just a suggestion, mitt. >> yeah, just spitballing here. >> they are storm-relief events which happen to take place in ohio. >> exactly. jennifer in virginia wants to talk about the job that president obama is doing. >> caller: hi good morning. how are you? >> good. what did you want to say about president obama? >> caller: first i want to say to stephanie, get some black pepper and some honey, and take that now and you will get rid of your strep throat, so we can see you tomorrow morning. >> that sounds delicious.
10:51 am
>> caller: a little black pepper with some honey. that will take care of that. >> and some bourbon? >> do you mix it in anything? >> caller: no just -- >> like a spoonful of honey and put some black pepper on it? >> caller: yes, listen america. a spoon full of natural honey >> okay. >> caller: yes. and just sprinkle a little black pepper on it and just suck on it. >> okay. >> good advise. >> caller: stick it in your mouth and that gets rid of your strep throat. >> stephanie if you are listening, just suck on it. [ laughter ] >> caller: the hurricane nobody knows that better than me. i'm from jamaica. i left jamaica on saturday -- the last saturday of july, came back to the united states to meet my daughter at the airport who was
10:52 am
coming from iraq. i got home and got a call your mother's roof is on the ground next to the water tap. so monday i had to go back. when i went back i walked in the house, and i looked up and i was looking at the moon. there is no worse feeling than that especially when your mother is 85 and you have an uncle who is mentally disabled and is 87. so i understand the shock these people are going through right now. all i can do is pray for them not to get too anxious. it took me three weeks to get my mother's house back but the peace you get after it is done it is irreplaceable. now mr. romney, i think this gentlemen really had a mental illness, because there's no way you can stair another human
10:53 am
being in the face and tell a straight-faced lie like he does. i feel very sorry for the man that he is capable of doing that. that's why he considers president obama's compassion and sensitivity as and apology. the man don't know what apology is, and he doesn't understand if you don't understand that sometimes you do need to apologize, you can feel compassion. >> exactly. he just thinks compassion is a weakness. >> yeah, absolutely. and thank you for your call jennifer. great points. >> there is no honey and black pepper that is going to cure the lack of compassion. >> absolutely not. michael is calling from the bronx. are you doing okay there? >> oh yeah. i'm fine. and a big shout out to john
10:54 am
fugelsang. i had the pleasure of meeting him at the sexy liberal show last saturday. i heard parts of lowermanhattan has lost power. president obama, a big two thumbs up for him. i heard romney is going around with a bus tour supposedly transporting this and that -- >> right. >> caller: and all in all he is trying to look for votes. i thought both sides has suspended campaigns because of this emergency situation. unlike president obama, he has reached out to every single governor, letting him know that he is there for them all they had to do was pick up the telephone and call him directly. >> personally.
10:55 am
yep. >> caller: exactly. i saw the press conference with chris christie. he is a republican governor who initially endorsed mitt romney but he has been speaking nothing but praise for president obama. he said he felt so relieved and glad that he had that conversation with president obama. >> yep. >> caller: i think even some republicans may have second thoughts that the idea of privatizing fema -- if you thought that bush & company's response to hurricane sandy was bad, if fema was privatized it would be a long worse. >> it would be what haliburton in iraq. >> exactly. >> we have one more hour of the i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show."
10:56 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> it is the "stephanie miller show" right here on current tv. we got one more hour of the show left. we're going to be checking in with john fugelsang, taking more of your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. that's 1-800-steph-1-2. jacki schechner is in studio with us. jim ward is here and stephanie has strep throat. >> but she is with us in spirit. >> exactly. she might even be listening. who can say. i wouldn't be. >> and hopefully she is taking honey and black pepper and sucking on it.
10:57 am
[ laughter ] >> that is the jamaican cure for strep. >> they make great jerk chicken they might have a cure for strep throat too. >> but the pharmaceutical companies can't make money off of it so it must be a myth. >> there you go. and now we'll check in with the headlines. >> we had a couple of press conferences in the last hour one from the new york city major and one from chris christie. >> we have a long road ahead of us, but i have confidence we're going to come out of this better and stronger than before. and we in the government are going to be here with you to help new jersey completely cover. >> he did speak to the president over the phone at midnight last night. the president had declared the
10:58 am
area a disaster area meaning they are get federal aid. the national guard coming in the salvation, army red cross, and fema delivering food water, and resources. we have been talking about how mitt romney wants fema to be turned down to the states. the "huffington post" saying he was slow to respond to disaster in his own state. the gene rivered flooded, and the mayor isn't hear from governor romney for three whole days he was speaking at an economic club in north carolina. the city suffered more than a million dollars in damage. romney defended himself by saying quote, the floods weren't significant enough that his being in western massachusetts to make any
10:59 am
difference. >> really? >> his state was unable to (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. fruit just got cooler. fruit on one side, cool on the other. new ice breakers duo. a fruity, cool way to break the ice.
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11:01 am
(vo) cenk uygur is many things. >>oh really? >>"if you ever raise taxes on >>the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
11:02 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> this is the "stephanie miller show," and i am not stephanie miller. i am chris lavoie. that is jacki schechner, and that is jim ward. and this hour of the "stephanie miller show" is brought to you by -- >> the last open road. where is the last open road? where is the last open road? have you traveled the last open
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road? go to >> i'm really curious now. >> we have two copies right here. >> can i take a copy home with me? if i do a good job today in the big chair. >> yes. >> i look so sweet and innocent it's all part of my grand plan. >> stephanie has strep throat she called me about an hour before the show and said i can't come in. i have strep throat. >> i'm honored to be sitting in the big chair. i was first honored to be sitting at the grown-up table at the debate show. >> and they have asked us back to do a preshow for election night. >> i know. >> we'll be doing that
11:04 am
hopefully. i think you will be with us. >> unless things go horribly awry. >> what do you know that i don't? >> i didn't know if they asked you or not -- >> super secret society. i don't have the re-coder ring and secret pass word. >> i'm just a peon here. >> they tell you everything. you just keep a good secret. >> hopefully stephanie will be back tomorrow, in the meantime we're talking about all things hurricane sandy. hurricane sandy came ashore last night. right about atlantic city. >> yeah. seem to be in trouble there. there was actually a bit of a kerfuffle between governor chris christie and the mayor of atlantic city. chris christie has occurred the
11:05 am
mayor of not getting people to evacuate the way that christy had advised. and now the mayor is saying it is absolutely false. he said most of the residents heeded his warning to flee. and we know that a lot of times these storms aren't going to be as bad as they think. he said the storm damage could have been much worst. and obviously rescue efforts are on the way right now. and christy says they are trying to save people in the area and they are doing what they can to get in. so they really shouldn't be battling it out at this point, and christy getting along really well with president obama.
11:06 am
but this is one area where there had been contention and it seems like the mayor is fighting back at least in words. >> so it sounds like things may be getting a little political there. >> and i think they may not like each other, there may be a back story there. >> okay. both campaigns say they have suspended campaigns, but there is a little bit of politicking going on. i wanted to get annie of the the -- thinkprogress on to give us her take. >> hello. i'll give you a basic rundown of what is happening in the last two days. president obama canceled events in ohio, wisconsin, and
11:07 am
virginia. he then was going to an event in florida which he canceled right before the storm. saying he had to be there for whatever events might come in. he canceled all of these events and he is keeping one event in ohio that he has titled now a storm relief event. he has turned it from a campaign rally into [ inaudible ] although it sounds like it's still pretty political. >> yeah. >> his two guests there are richard petty, one of his many nascar friends. and country singer randy owen is the other one. [ inaudible ] >> okay. but there -- they are portraying it as a storm-relief effort but they are not going to dispense with the political speeches.
11:08 am
>> they have already promised to play one rnc video. >> wow. >> he has always said he might hold teletownhall meetings on wednesday. how is that not a campaign event? >> yeah, and he has also commissioned romney in virginia north carolina and a few other states to be used as relief delivery trucks. >> right. >> these big romney for america trucks are rolling through virginia right now, supposedly delivering aid, although the red cross and others have warned that aid in the form of flood and clothing is actually sort of hindrance. >> exactly. the best thing to do is give money to the red cross so they can buy what is needed. >> exactly. president obama sent out a link
11:09 am
to the red cross so you can denate there. >> and for a time president obama's donation page give you a chance to donate to the red cross. >> yes. it had a place you can pick to donate too. >> oh that's great. >> annie, just to be fair, president clinton is still campaigning today, correct? >> yes, and so a joe biden. >> obviously the president himself has other presidential duties to take care of but they haven't suspended all activity on that side. >> but they haven't claimed to suspend activity. >> right. but just to be fair that is happening. >> i was watching cnn last night, and i did see an obama
11:10 am
for president commercial. >> it's tricky. they have to really be delegate with this. you can't appear to be insensitive, but at the same time you can't sit back and do nothing with a week to go. >> right. and when it comes to campaign ads those are brought up i head of time for the most part. and romney did say he was canceling all fund-raising emails. >> although one of our callers did say she got a robo call from the romney campaign. >> yeah but maybe they were preprogrammed as well. >> it's hard to shut those down. >> right. do you think that obama has appeared presidential in the sense he has been covering the hurricane? >> yeah. >> i think he has done a very
11:11 am
good job. i have only heard good things about fema's responsiveness during the storm. even chris christie one of the big bulldogs for the republican party has been basically lathering praise on president obama saying he has been really great. but there has been good communication between the federal state, and local governments. it sounds like obama is doing a good job. >> especially considering it is coming from a republican bulldog of a governor. >> that's absolutely right. annie thank you so much for joining us. you can find her work on >> thank you very much. >> let's go to laura in new jersey. how are you holding up there in new jersey? >> we're holding up pretty good. we pretty much have power and
11:12 am
minimal damage but otherwise it is pretty good. my husband and i are really big fans of the show and we support president obama, but i also wanted to let you guys know that i have tweeted both you and jacki on an article in yesterday's "huffington post" regarding a [ inaudible ] who blamed hurricane sandy on gay people. >> there is always one of those. >> yeah you get those every major hurricane, unfortunately. >> why would these right-wing idiots -- and i use that term liberally -- >> that's a g-righted version. >> yeah but they are blaming gay people? be real. >> you are really busy when do you have time to cause all of these disasters.
11:13 am
>> i know right. doing hair and causing hurricanes, come on. sonia in florida is calling. hey, sonia what is up? >> caller: hey, guys how are you all doing this morning? >> good morning. >> caller: good morning. i am calling to say i'm absolutely amazed at the job that president obama has done with this storm. >> uh-huh. >> with the organization that he has gotten together, with the communication that he has had with all of the governors, and with the -- you know i live in florida, and i was in charlie. we went four days without seeing anyone, and that was not underneath president obama's administration. this storm was handled well and
11:14 am
the coordination between everyone was absolutely amazing. >> yep. >> caller: and he did a great job. >> yep, even governor chris christie has said so. so we appreciate the call. we're going to be taking a break here at. give us at call at 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. >> make me sick in a wonderful, wonderful way. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do ♪ [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ ♪ little red -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ baby you're much too fast ♪
11:18 am
♪ little -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ woo-hoo hoo ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." stephanie is out sick today, she has strep throat so hopefully she will be back with our big halloween show with elvira and mark hamel from star wars. >> our raspy voice could go well with our halloween show -- >> she could be the ghost of bee arthur. >> exactly. >> or [ inaudible ]. >> well there you go. >> but then i get kicked out of the big chair. [ laughter ] >> all right. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere is the number to call 1-800-steph-1-2. we have john fugelsang sexy liberal himself calling in from manhattan. hey, john. >> good morning, i'm inspired by jim's --
11:19 am
>> [ inaudible ]. >> if i use this on delivery they think i'm a tony winner and bring my chinese food fast. [ laughter ] >> yeah, man --. >> i know last night all of the bridges and tunnels in and out of manhattan were closed. is that still the case? >> i think the lincoln tunnel is now open. >> i saw an update saying they were opening the manhattan bridge and the brooklyn bridge -- >> fema has been authorized to bring soy lattes to all of the liberals. >> i know they closed them down was they were measuring wind
11:20 am
speed, they clocked one gust at 100 miles an hour. >> wow. now that the bridges are open donald trump can come back to the city. >> speaking of that. did you see his latest tweet. not only giving out money today, but obama will be standing in water and rain acting presidential, don't fall for it. >> wow, what a classy racist. this video he did last week, that he would give $5 million to the charity of your choice if you give your education records. number 1 he is pretty much stating directly this president isn't intelligent to get to an ivy league school without
11:21 am
affirmative action help. and he is saying i have this $5 million that you can have as soon as the leader of the free world gives in to my commands. >> with all of the money that shellen adelson and a all of these other guys are throwing into the race to be used on advertising and what other sort of influential prophecies imagine how good that money could do if it were put into solving some of your problems. >> that would make obama look good. >> both sides too, there is a tremendous amount of money flowing in. but if you have a billion dollars on each side and we're talking about reducing the deficit or getting more emergency money available to our country in times of need.
11:22 am
it seems to me like such an unbelievable waste. and someone like donald trump holding up $5 million is just another example of that. >> if donald trump really didn't run for office because he didn't want to reveal his tax records he must be kicking himself. >> could he even run for mayor of new york city and win? >> i think he could run for mayor of new york city. we have a real billionaire who has bought that job a couple of times, and i think he could do. >> i think bloomberg has done a phenomenal job during this hurricane. >> he has done a lot of things that aren't popular at first -- >> the soda ban is just ridiculous. >> there are a lot of complains that he hasn't done enough for the homeless and civil liberties, but it is a great
11:23 am
example of the governments working together. like we talked about in the last hour the real test will be what happens in the next 48 hours. the cleanup and rescue efforts where the local and federal governments will be judged. >> nbc just announced that the president is going to cancel all events gone tomorrow. >> romney however, might do teletownhall meetings, which of course are not campaign events at all. >> not at all. >> here is the thing mitt romney is free to campaign all he wants. it's a free country. and he can and will take advantage of it. but if mitt romney wanted to appear presidential he would get out there and say we stand by our president and we are going to help those in need and
11:24 am
show up at a shelter somewhere. if he wanted to seem presidential he would be positive. >> he kind of gave lip service to appearing presidential yesterday. >> romney: this looks like another time when we need to come here all across the country, even here in ohio and give our support to the people who need it. and i'm asking you all to look for a way to do that. >> if he is elected he leave office the most hated onetime president of the century. he'll make george bush look like bill clinton leaving the cheer. and whoever gets this job is going to catch all manner of [ inaudible ]. >> exactly. john fugelsang from "so that happened" friday nights on current tv. we'll be talking to you on thursday. thanks for joining us today.
11:25 am
>> thanks a lot, guys. stay dry. >> bye, john. the one time it's okay for you to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> why don't you dip yourself in flour and make a skank biscuit. >> don't mind if i do. i'i'm chris lavoie. that is jacki schechner. that is jim ward. stephanie is not here today, because stephanie has strep throat. people are researching strep throat on web md and finding out strep throat can cause all
11:30 am
kinds of problems. >> what doctors love is when you google web md and tell them what you have. >> yeah plus you tell them i have a headache and a cough. i'm dead. >> or you just think you have a headache and a cough. yes, i guess we'll take him. billy in texas. you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, guys. i hope that stephanie gets well real quick. >> we do too. >> caller: you are talking about how romney is talking about throwing these activities back to the states. i have seen nowhere where they talk about everything that we do -- nobody is talk about the federal government getting out of our lives all together but
11:31 am
the federal government has a place. as conservatives we feel the federal government has overstepped. in this kind of case of course the federal government should be involved. that's their job. >> right. >> but i bristle when i hear that y'all want -- or that romney wants to turn everything back to the states -- >> he has said that though. he has said that the states should take more responsibility for disaster relief. >> that's exactly right. more of the responsibility not all of the responsibility. >> but the states are the ones that are suffering during a disaster. they may not have all resources at hand when a disaster happens. they don't have as much money that the federal government can have. >> caller: to the contrary the local governments can move quicker. if you need help from like the
11:32 am
army or whatever the federal government is better at that. they already have insurance adjustors out taking care of people and that has nothing to do with the federal government -- >> but that has to do with the insurance companies. >> caller: everybody did a good job preparing people for this disaster or hurricane, and therefore it wasn't like a disaster -- >> they are happy to get the claims through and then denies the insurance companies -- >> caller: that's not true. >> do you think the national weather service should be privatized? >> caller: no, i don't. >> all right. >> i think it is called the national weather service for a reason. but y'all are representing that romney thinks that everything that the federal government does he is saying would be better handled by the states. >> he did say he was absolutely
11:33 am
in favor of dismantling federal aid. >> yep. that's a direct quote. >> when? >> during the gop primaries. >> all federal aid should be dismantled. >> caller: i didn't see that. >> if you can think about the states handling what needs to be handled on the state level and you think about emergency services getting there quickly. however, you have to keep in mind state officials are embroiled in the disaster themselves. they can't necessarily reach all of the sections of their state or all of their sections of their municipality as somebody may be able to if they are on the outside coming in. >> we had a couple of fires down here last summer and our first line of defense was of course going to be our local people
11:34 am
and then the state came in and then the federal government. i think all the conservatives are saying is federal government do your jobs and don't try to micro manage our jobs -- >> i don't think they necessarily are, when fema is handled well -- >> right. now. >> they have a emergency declaration that says you come to us and ask for what you need and we can hand that over. i don't see anyone on the federal government demanding that they do what they say. >> no absolutely not. they are working together. any way thanks for the call billy. we have david bender sexy liberal himself on the line. >> my madman husband. >> exactly. and let's have martinis in honor
11:35 am
of stephanie miller in combinations with antibiotics which is always a good thing to do. i love the conversation you just had with billy, and it is so interesting, because when jacki presented him with an absolute fact the answer is well i didn't see that and then it goes away. because you didn't see it and frankly the more facts you present people who don't want facts, the worse it gets. the more facts you give them the more they resent them. we keep saying if we can win this argument and show you the truth of this, that fema is now working, because unlike bush the federal government is supporting
11:36 am
fema, it doesn't matter. that's the tragedy. >> and our friends on the right dismiss the truths you present them. >> truth is not a matter of opinion. >> yeah. but by dismissing it they make at it matter of opinion, which is absolutely maddening to me. >> well and -- and -- and that's the problem. it is almost like speaking another language or speaking in tongues. you wind up having these conversations and they go circular. this chris christie thing you have been talking about which is of course fascinating. first off my own sense is despite donald trump telling us that the president is -- can't fool us at playing president -- the president is being president. >> yeah. >> and the quintessential october surprise which is something that no one wanted -- or apparently the gays
11:37 am
did. >> yeah. >> but the quintessential october surprise no one wanted. and every day the president is in the white house, showing the country why he is a sound, sober, calm strong leader is better than a million tv commercials. >> uh-huh. which is why alex jones thinks obama caused the hurricane. >> yes, he said he seeded hurricane in order to get romney off of the front pages. >> which means that obama is now gay and a muslim. >> chris lavoietine pelosi. she's the chair of the california democratic party's women caucus -- chris christie's state is going to
11:38 am
vote for obama there's no doubt about it. and he is up for reelection in wait for it 2013. so what you are going to say as you saw with transvaginal bob, his line was we need less federal government. >> okay. then. >> and he was the first on the phone to the white house asking for more federal government so bob mcdonald and chris christie can going to wrap their arms around the president so they can claim to have kept their state safe during this disaster. that's what is going on. i hate tea leaves. [ laughter ] >> what do you think about romney saying he is canceling all events but he is holding
11:39 am
one today. >> yeah try writing a check from his super pac or his own wallet and showing his commitment to this. show up at a red cross station and roll up your sleeves and not just wash dishes that are already clean -- [ laughter ] >> but i -- i don't think any of those optics are -- are anywhere near as effective as watching the president come out yesterday, talk to the country and then answer only one question. how do you think this will effect the election mr. president, i'm not worried about the election. i am concerned about saving lives. >> that was the most reassuring thing he could ever say. >> absolutely. and that was off the cuff unscripted, that is what -- if anything is going to tip this the only thing i am concerned about now is what this does for the get out the vote operation. so far we are ahead by 14 15
11:40 am
points in florida. early voting is very very important, and now obviously with virginia north carolina states that are -- you know, impact by sandy, that's an issue. but i got to tell ya i would rather see in these next few days the president being the president, than anything else. >> yeah. >> and that's a great thing for the country. >> hey, david this is where the surrogates can really step up though right? how far can they go the president is being president, but here is what we can say on his behalf. >> the surrogates pulled back today, but i have a feeling they will be returning tomorrow. >> well did you see bill clinton, where he kept that engagement in ohio and talked
11:41 am
about the lie of romney's ad about jeeps being made in china, and bill clinton who is literally now jumping up and down he is enjoying himself so much, he is having a great time and bill clinton said the thing that was most galling to president obama, he said i was 30 years old when i bought my first car, and it was a jeep. i have never outsourced a jeep. and bill clinton can do that in a way that barack obama even at his best couldn't do. so surrogates can be effective. remember, ann romney was still on the trail yesterday -- >> stop it. this is hard. >> so there is still a campaign going on and frankly in states that are not directly affected i have no problem with that. >> yeah especially states like nevada. nothing going on there except for campaigning. >> frankly now that the line of
11:42 am
[ inaudible ] is suffering terribly, there will be no gambling. >> exactly. >> if we were a little farther away from this event, maybe we could take some time off. >> right, a month away i could see suspending but we are only a week away. >> we are only a week away and democracy is important. and part of this is making sure that people have the right to vote. the last point i want to make the one thing that conservatives never talk about is what you pointed out paul ryan said what eric cantor had said we can have this federal government emergency relief but we better figure out a way to pay for it. never once in eight years did any conservative say that about
11:43 am
two unfunded wars. >> that's true. >> and if there is anything that really resembles genuine national security it's this. and if they are saying we'll take the money but you better find a way to pay for it that's a level of hypocrisy beyond the scale. and billy if you are listening, think about that one. >> david bender we love you so much. >> love you right back. and get better stephanie., come join us. >> yes indeed. we'll take a little break and return with some of your calls here on the "stephanie miller show." >> oh, god, that feels weird and good all at once. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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♪ said it on the air on the -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ oh, oh on the radio ♪ ♪ oh oh oh, on the radio ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show." i'm chris. that's jacki. that's jim. and this is steph. stephanie miller are you there? >> i wanted to prove that my voice is even worse than harvey fire stage. i am full on dick morris. >> oh my god. >> if road flair mary is listening, she is going she sounds like crap. >> road flair mary called in
11:49 am
earlier, and we didn't take the call. >> apparently alec baldwin could not do the panel because of strep throat and i'm like one of those damn little germ wagons gave me strep throat. >> i blame the tea bagging. >> jim here is how you know i'm actually sick is no i'm not spinning today. i'm waiting for the pharmacy to open to get my antibiotics. >> does it hurt? >> yeah. yeah. and hey, all about eve, what are you doing in my chair over there? [ laughter ] >> i called and left you a message, you didn't answer. [ laughter ] >> i wanted permission to sit in the big girl chair. whatever all about eve. the younger prettier girl that pretends to by your best friend. >> i am your best friend. in fact i'll bring you honey and
11:50 am
pepper -- >> like i didn't see you slip that strep throat capsule in my coffee yesterday. >> tomorrow we have a big show elvira and mark happenel from star wars, do you think you can make it? >> that's why i have my scary voice ready for the kids. >> if not i'm keep the chair warm. >> actually i had a sex change operation so i would marry jacki schechner. >> oh. i'm going to put just married on the back of your chair. [ laughter ] >> thanks guys. >> say broadway doesn't go for booze and dope.
11:51 am
>> broadway doesn't go for booze and dope. >> she sounds exactly like here. wow, she sounds like crap. >> that was awesome though. i'm sorry she doesn't feel well but if you don't feel well that's how you want to sound. can we record some promos when she is like that. >> you are right. we should. stephanie in illinois real quick. what is up? >> caller: hey, the guy talking about the privatization, all it needs is some big corporation to take that over and raise money every year because they want to make a profit. >> exactly. >> caller: they will pick and choose who they want to save and rescue, and if you call to be
11:52 am
rescued, you will get the menu if you are drowning press one -- [ laughter ] >> but would they skip over who couldn't afford to be rescued? >> that's $5,000 to rescue you and your family. can't afford it too bad. >> exactly. let's go to greg in pennsylvania. >> caller: chris you said you were watching cnn earlier? there was a scroll that they did that -- that said homeowners be ware insurance companies may find their out of pocket expenses running into the thousands, so they have already kind of done that. so they stop running adds on the scroll and started running obama is a socialist, i believe from some broker.
11:53 am
the point i wanted to make -- >> real quick. >> caller: yeah. i work for a contractor, and it just means your tax dollars go from the state to a private contractor who has to be regulated and very much isn't. and climate change just means there's more energy in the atmosphere. it doesn't mean it is going to stay hot all the time. >> yep. >> so billy, do more googling and youtube watching. . >> yeah. >> caller: come on billy, do your research. >> that does it for us. >> that's it? >> that's it. we made
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